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Children's Harmony Day

At Mother’s Love, we celebrated Harmony Day with children, families and staff by everyone dressing up in their cultural dresses, children singing songs in different languages and families bringing food from their culture to share with everyone. This enabled the children and the families to feel the sense of belonging at the service.

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Chinese New Year 2024 

The children celebrated 2024 Chinese New Year with "yum cha" and learning about other cultures.

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Mother's Love Puppet Show

The children created and enjoyed a fun puppet show.

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Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mothers and supporters enjoyed a sumptuous afternoon tea fundraiser at the centre.

The children are preparing a small concert, cards and presents for their Mummies.

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 How we celebrate 

  • Looking after the plants

  • Looking after the worm farm

  • Growing mushrooms

  • Reusing recycled materials

We celebrate "Mother Earth Day" every year

This day acknowledges that the Earth provides its inhabitants with life and sustenance. We as people have responsibility to promote harmony with nature, so the earth stays in a balance with all its environment.

At Mother’s Love the children and educators appreciate the nature and explore their understandings of sustainable practices.

Recycling, reusing, planting & growing and composting are a regular part of our program and routine.

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Celebrating "Harmony Day" 

15 - 21st March has a been dedicated as "Harmony Week' this year.  We celebrate Harmony Week at Mother's Love Early Education and Childcare Service each year.

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Ballet Classes

Ballet classes with Super Baby Ballet at Mother's Love are very popular with the children participating in a beautiful concert at the end of the year.

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Father's Day

We celebrate Father's Day every year at Mother's Love Early Education and Childcare Service.

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Parents/Families/Educators meeting

Families have the opportunity to discuss the children's learning with the Educators.

Information on school readiness is given to pre-schoolers starting kindergarten next year.

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Pre-schooler Eyesight program

The State-wide Eyesight Pre-schooler Screening (StEPS) program is an initiative of SW Health and is offered to all children who will be 4 years old by July and thus be eligible for school in 2021.  The StEPS program was offered to children attending Mother's Love Early Education & Childcare Service.

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Children's Dental Check

Under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS), funded by the Australian Federal Government, dental services are at no cost to eligible children. Sydney Dental Services is visiting Mother's Love Early Education to provide a free Dental Check-up to all the children.

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Engaging our community in Literacy and Reading 

We celebrate Book Week every year at Mother's Love Early Education & Childcare Service. 

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Firemans visit

Following the children's interest in safety issues members of the Fire Service in Burwood came and visited the Mother's Love Early Education & Childcare Service.

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Music Classes

At Mother's Love we have a free regular music class.

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Excursion to farm

The children and the families enjoyed the excursion to the farm.

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Taking and Listening Check up

Language screen for all children at the service toddler and pre-schoolers by the Community Health Speech Pathology Service from Sydney Local Health District.

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Mother's Love in Burwood Scene

Mothers Love Childcare on the front page of local paper, the Burwood Scene! Celebrating Indigenous Culture.

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