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Our Classes


Class Overview

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Creative Learning


 2-3 year olds 

Class size 


Up to 10 children




2  Qualified Educators


3-5 year olds 

Class size 


Up to 18 children




1 Early Childhood Teacher 

1 Diploma Qualified Educator

Catterpillars - Toddlers

Our program emphasises:


  • Forming trusting & secure relationships

  • Participating (physically) in active play

  • Encouraging self-esteem & establishing self-help skills

  • Learning through sensory & explorative play

  • Developing fine motor coordination skills

  • Developing expressive language skills

  • Developing pre-maths concepts of colour, shapes & numbers

  • Learning to play with peers

  • Learning action songs & rhymes

  • Dramatic / pretend play

  • Active play & exercise

Butterflies - Preschoolers

Our program emphasises:

  • Building confidence & independence

  • Encouraging pro-social skills, making friends & playing collaboratively

  • Developing Numeracy & Literacy

  • Participating in role play & learning through performances

  • Developing music & movement skills

  • Developing fundamental movement skills

  • Learning about science through investigation & exploration

  • Developing creativity through various media

  • Learning about nature & sustainability

  • Exploring our cultural community & discovering Australian identity

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Encouraging Artists

Individualised attention and care

We offer personal care and individual attention to each child and family, and cater for their developmental needs accordingly.   Our School Readiness and Educational Programs are integral to the activities we organise, with an emphasis on preparing each child and family for the school system, as well as developing their physical, social, cognitive and language skills.

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Playing in Nature

Our goal is to create an engaging environment

  • Personal attention in small class setting

  • Warm, friendly and welcoming learning spaces

  • Access to a variety of resources and equipment

  • Programmed creative and educational activities

  • Planned incursions, excursions and presentations

  • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations

  • Curriculum based on the National Early Years Learning Framework

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Learning Activities

Educational Field Trips and Presentations 

We frequently organise excursions and incursions for the children to learn about different cultures, the society and community, science and common knowledge. They help enhance the children’s literacy, numeracy and physical development, as well as inspire their language and artistic expressions.

Long established and highly rated

Mother’s Love Early Education and Childcare Service is a friendly non-for-profit long day care centre that understands the importance of love, care and playful education in early childhood development. We have been established in the Burwood (NSW) community for over 20 years, and are rated with high ACECQA assessment profile. We cater for children between the ages of 2-5 years, offering our personal care and individual attention to each child.

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Personalised Centre Tour

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